The Power of Cross-Channel Marketing

With so many approaches to advertising, and with so many different forms of media to choose from, it can be difficult knowing which channel would be the best for your business to advertise on. You could opt for a website or mobile app, take to social media platforms, deliver television and radio ads or plaster your brand on a billboard, but which approach would be best for your business and the results it is looking to generate from its approach to marketing.

Cross-channel marketing, where viable, is a great approach that merges a number of these abovementioned channels into one to give your brand the best exposure for the most positive results, so let’s explore it in a little more detail here.

Cross-Channel Marketing in a Nutshell

Cross-channel, or multichannel marketing blends a number of advertising disciplines into a single, complex but coherent campaign. It utilises a number of promotional channels at once and in unison to attract and communicate with audience members. To accomplish this, cross channel marketing may make use of digital media such as websites and email campaigns in conjunction with one another as well as more traditional forms such as print, radio and television, all at once.

What are the Benefits?

Cross channel marketing may be a more expensive approach to advertising since many of the channels you will be using can be costly. However it does hold a number of unique advantages when compared to other approaches, which ensures a favourable return on investment:

  • Connect with consumers on channels that they are actively engaged with;
  • Increase consumer engagement and conversions over a multitude of channels;
  • Increase brand awareness and customer base;
  • Make data-driven decisions across all of your marketing channels;
  • Build long-lasting relationships with potential and existing customers by keeping your brand in their head-spaces.

Contact Digital Solutions to Expand Your Approach to Marketing

If you would like the digital aspects of your cross-channel marketing campaign seen to by a digital marketing agency that works with passion, experience and integrity, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Digital Solutions today.

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