Which Digital Marketing Approach Would Work Best for Your Business?

Digital marketing, search engine optimisation, content is king, social marketing, influencers, big data, targeted marketing… these are all words that have been thrown around during our digital age.

If you haven’t heard of them, it’s time to get a connection to the internet and come out from under that rock. If you run a business, the need to engage with these marketing channels is all the more important.

But understanding what efforts to take in your digital marketing campaign also requires an understanding of your business and its audience, and how they tend to look for products and services like yours.

Who is Searching for You?

Reigning in those customers who are actively searching for your offers forms the cornerstone of most online marketing activities. This is where SEO and paid search are essential.

Search engine optimisation whereby websites, keywords, meta descriptions and content are optimised to improve your rankings on search engines.

Paid search advertising, such as campaigns conducted on Google Ads is also a powerful way to get your brand on the front page of search engines with specific targeting tools and measurable results.

How Social is Your Brand?

Social media is not just about sharing unpopular opinions, shaming animal hunters and telling everyone about each gruelling detail of your life or lunch, it also offers an unimaginably powerful way to interact with prospective clients, and get your brand in their headspace.

If a Picture Says 1000 Words…

The communicative power of images is nothing new to marketing, and in the digital age, video provides a far more effective way to keep your prospective clients engaged, interested and involved with your brand. Platforms like YouTube even have their own approach to video search engine optimisation, which ensures that your creative genius gets put in front of the right people.

I’m Sure there’s an App for That

Mobile applications represent a little more of an investment than the other approaches mentioned above, but can result in incredible returns. Mobile apps can be easily distributed via app stores, are remarkably interactive and always give your audience a little something new (especially where AR and VR are concerned).

Taking the Holistic Approach

Of course, the best approaches to marketing are those that are all-encompassing and well-rounded. Efforts that make use of a mixture of the abovementioned channels, and allow them to leverage off of one another can be complicated, but are always the most effective.

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