I have purchased a package suitable for my business. What happens now?
Thank you for considering our services, once you have made a purchase you will receive an email from one of our specialists related to the product you have purchased. They will ask for some requirements such as an overview of what you would like as well as logos, colors and content. If you don’t have logos, content or colors in mind we will guide you, leave it up to your team.
Email info@digital-solution.co
I don’t have a company profile.
No problem, we can draft one for you.
Email info@digital-solution.co
I have made a purchase online but I have changed my mind on the package I would like?
Don’t fret, send us an email info@digital-solution.co explaining the change and we will assist you. You can only upgrade a package, you cannot downgrade.
I don’t have a website yet or my website is not ready yet.
We are able to assist you with building a website should you not have one however if this is already in progress but not ready we can still prepare animations for you as well as AR and VR. SEO can be prepared but not uploaded, we will store the work and upload it when your website is ready. Should you be in the buying process, enter the URL that the website will go onto when it is ready.
I don’t have a URL Website Address as yet?
Give us about 5 options of what you would like and let us check if it is available, if it is we will communicate to you and offer you to purchase it.

Find out here
Email info@digital-solution.co

We however, cannot run any Google ad campaigns until your website is live.
How do I know which website best suites my business?
That’s simple, just ask us and we will guide you.

Explain what your business does and we will get the best advice we can on the type of website that it most suitable.

If you are not ready to share your ideas, we can discuss signing an NDA
What is an NDA?