Video Animation

Digital Solutions offers Professional Video Animation Services

Video animations provide users with a way of interacting with brands that is engaging, informative, entertaining and memorable. As one of the most consumed forms of media on the internet, video animations can be used as a powerful tool for connecting your target audience with your brand.

Far from offering a collection of tips, facts and lines of text, video animations tell a story and captures the imagination of your viewers, giving them an emotional connection with your company, product, service and identity.

They tell the story of your brand, giving it creativity and personality while delivering information to your viewers. Storytelling is closely tied to your brand, and helps your viewers imagine what their lives would be like if they opted for your offers. This means that animations don’t simply build a stronger presence for your brand in attracting an audience, but goes a long way towards retaining them as well.

Animations inspire ways of reaching out to your audience using a medium that they are engaged with on a daily basis. Research shows that around 65% of people retain information better when they receive it visually, and around 90% of the information we receive, is done so visually. On top of this, our brains process visual information 60 000 times faster than we do with text. That means that you can say more with a video animation while taking up less of your audience’s time, while also using a medium that they find appealing.

Whether you need to inform, instruct, educate, entertain or market to an audience, having a video animation developed provides them with a means of getting information about your brand that goes beyond lists of facts, by inviting them to become engaged with your animations, while sharing them on social media platforms as well.

Our Process when Developing Video Animations

Digital Solutions offers animations produced from a creative team of animators, writers, storyboard specialists and editors; allowing us to provide clients with unique animations that get their message across. Once we have clearly worked out a brief of our clients’ expectations, we can begin developing the animation in three stages.

Stage One: the Pre-Production Phase

Here, your animation is conceptualised, planned and scripted.

We start by scripting out and refining what you want your animation to say. From there, a panel of story-board experts work on the layout, vision and theme of your animation to make sure that each frame is as impactful as it can be.

Once both you and us are pleased with the concept and it has been agreed on, the second-stage, production, can begin.

Stage Two: Production

During the second stage, the animation is developed according to the plan set out by the script and storyboard. A team of animators, graphic artists and sound managers will ensure that each aspect of the animation meets your expectations, is crisp, coherent and smooth flowing.

Where needed, voice-overs are recorded and backtracks are mastered and inserted into your animation to make it more immersive and engaging.

Stage Three: Post Production and Publishing

During the final step, animations are polished-up, mastered and prepared for publishing on online channels such as YouTube or your website. During this stage, any potential errors are searched for and ironed out, ensuring that there are no continuity issues, and that the quality of your animation, both visual and audio, exceeds your expectations. Once the finished product has been refined and the animation is ready, we can either hand it over to the client to be used as they intend, or we can manage publication on online media for you.

How Can Your Business Benefit from a Video Animation?

  • Video animations present a powerful way for your brand to build a connection with your audience. They bring a number of benefits to your business and your marketing efforts, which include:
  • Video animations bring better engagement from your users, since they present them with an enjoyable and memorable medium.
  • They allow you to reach a wider audience, since they are more likely to be shared on social media.
  • They are produced at less of a cost than live-videos, since they require far less equipment and personnel.

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